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Cheviot Hills Expo Line Supporters Hit Back at Naysayers

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Via a newsletter from the Transit Coalition comes news that Cheviot Hills homeowners supportive of the Expo Line light-rail have struck back at their neighbors who filed suit against the Culver City to Santa Monica line, claiming Expo's environmental report was not adequate. The group Light Rail for Cheviot--along with other Westside homeowners supportive of the line but encouraging more grade-separation at intersections--handed out fliers at the Cheviot Hills Homeowners Association meeting on Tuesday that not only challenged many of the assumptions of the anti-Expo folks (it's dangerous, causes traffic, the Wilshire subway is the only train needed on the Westside, etc.) but told proponents of the line to stop paying their dues to the homeowners association. Karen Leonard of Light Rail for Cheviot tells us the fliers are also now in local libraries and park sites.