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Sharing is Caring: High-Speed Rail Officials Considering Alternate Plan

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Yesterday, the Los Angeles Times reported that the California High-Speed Rail Authority has agreed to look into sharing existing rail track for its high-speed line from Los Angeles to Anaheim. And today the Associated Press summarizes: "Local officials have raised concerns in recent months that planners were trying to squeeze in new tracks for bullet trains along the nation's second busiest passenger rail corridor. Worried the pursuit would lead to bulldozers plowing through dense industrial and residential areas to make room for the high-speed line, they requested further study of a shared use option." As far as what homes would get mowed down, the Times provides more: "The action came in response to local officials' concerns that hundreds of private properties would have to be condemned in Anaheim, Buena Park and other cities to accommodate the separate, exclusive tracks being envisioned for high-speed trains. Both alternatives now will be examined."

Officials say that sharing could save $2 billion, lessen community impact (ie mow down fewer homes), and "lead to upgrading tracks currently used by Amtrak and Metrolink, the regional commuter train service, and the construction of overpasses or underpasses to separate trains from car and foot traffic," according to the AP.
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