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RIP Richard Dorman, Trousdale Architect and Train Enthusiast

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[Dorman via LIFE; Stone Canyon residence via the MLS; Los Angeles International Design Center via You-Are-Here]

Architect Richard Dorman passed away last Saturday, according to his hometown paper, the Santa Fe New Mexican. Dorman was born in Los Angeles in 1922, and after a stint as a bomber in World War II went on to USC. And then he went on to design the Los Angeles International Design Center in West Hollywood, the Papermate Building in Santa Monica, and many private residences around the city before moving to Santa Fe in 1975. He was also a train enthusiast, and wrote 13 books on narrow-gauge railroads. His obituary points us to his cover appearance on "The Take-Over Generation," a 1962 issue of LIFE magazine. In the magazine he is quoted as saying "to get this country moving, we must stir up a hell that is socially acceptable."
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