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Playa Manchester Looks to Move in Near Lincoln Boulevard

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Meet Playa Manchester, a new Van Tilburg Banvard & Soderbergh-designed 260-unit apartment complex planned near Lincoln Boulevard in Westchester. It'll rise directly next to the Playa Oro complex (this is from the same developer, Decron). . We like the above rendering from the draft environmental report, now on the city's web site, because it highlights the single family homeowner vs. developer battle. You can just imagine an angry Dad mowing his lawn, angrily cursing the developer. And maybe these neighbors like the project, we have no idea. They probably love it. But back to the project, which is now on the city's planning web site: No retail (that's at Playa Oro) but there is one subterranean and two above-ground parking levels that'll offer 475 parking spaces. The developer is also looking to take some planned (and yet unbuilt 134 units) at Playa Oro and lump them on this project, to get a net increase of 126 dwelling units. According to the draft environmental report, it's anticipated the project will start work in January 2011, and take two years to finish.
· Playa Manchester [Official Site]

7298 West Manchester Avenue, los angeles