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LAX Grievances Wanted: Rosendahl Launches Facebook Site

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Councilman Bill Rosendahl may have angered Playa Vista homeowners by voting against Phase II, but on he goes to the next struggle. He recently launched a Facebook page and Twitter account to, as he writes in a press release, "keep my constituents informed and engaged on important airport issues like the proposed reconfiguration of the North Runways, LAX modernization, and the development of the vacant airport land to the North of LAX." As you may know, there's a lot going on at the airport and much to talk about: the theme restaurant opens soon, the enormous renovation of the Tom Bradley International terminal is getting underway, and the ongoing saga of getting a train connection to the airport drags on. The Facebook page's wall already includes a request for a community garden on vacant airport land and the following message, "Thank goodness for Bill's support. Bill we owe you a debt of gratitude for being on the side of the community against the distortions being raised to try to justify LAX expansion."
· LAX-Community Liaison [Facebook]
· Councilman Bill Rosendahl [Official Site]

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)

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