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It's Campfire Season Downtown, More Metropolitan

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Park via the LASHP
DOWNTOWN: "Our First Sunset Campfire Of The Season!" So proclaims the web site for the Los Angeles State Historic Park, near Chinatown. "That’s right, our Sunset Campfires are starting up again, with our first one of the summer happening on April 24th. In case you have never been to a Sunset Campfire at Los Angeles State Historic Park, you are in for quite a treat. Park staff roll out a portable fire pit, talk about the history of the park or maybe animals that live near by and at the end everyone roasts marshmallows over the campfire." The animals are going to stay away from that fire pit. More via the web site. [LASHP]

DOWNTOWN: Our reader interested in the Metropolitan passes on another photo of the newly renovated building, just one a handful of newly rehabbed buildings along Broadway. Our reader reports cabinets have been put in. Now all that's left to know is the leasing information. [Curbed InBox]