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Manhattan Beach Fears the Six-Man Debauchery

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The Beach Reporter notes that Manhattan Beach city officials are bracing for this summer's Charlie Saikley Six-Man Volleyball Tournament, and while there are surely plenty of clean and wholesome attendees among the 90,000 person crowd expected to attend, there is also this: "While the event started as a way to showcase the athletic talent of locals, it has become a party, with people wheeling kegs of beer down to the beach, girls dancing around topless, inebriated teens passing out in the street or attendees later urinating or vomiting on residents’ property. [Police Chief Rod] Uyeda said people scoff at the signs stating no alcohol on the beach, barely batting an eyelash or even trying to shield their open containers when police officers walk by.

Residents as far east as Sepulveda Boulevard make complaints of trash, urination and vomiting. Traffic backs up into Hermosa Beach and as far north as Highland and Marine Avenues." According to the Beach Reporter, numerous city agencies, including police, and fire agencies, will be staffed up. Tournament director Jay Saikley said he'll put a public service announcement on his web site that reads: “It’s not a drunk-a-thon, it’s a volleyball tournament.” Via Larryl, a shot of the tournament in 2003
· Crowds, drinking threaten future of Six-Man [Beach Reporter]