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California's High-Speed Rail: Made in America, Built by China?

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C hina is still gunning to both build and finance California's high-speed rail, reports the New York Times, which takes a broad look at the country's bid to lay down our state's track. And while China may have a reputation for getting construction done on the quick and dirty, there'll be none of that here. Additionally, there's the touchy issue of importing.

"In a nearly two-hour interview at the rail ministry’s monolithic headquarters here, Mr. Zheng said repeatedly that any Chinese bid would comply with all American laws and regulations.

China’s rail ministry has an international reputation for speed and low costs, and is opening 1,200 miles of high-speed rail routes this year alone. China is moving rapidly to connect almost all of its own provincial capitals with bullet trains.

But while the ministry has brought costs down through enormous economies of scale, “buy American” pressures could make it hard for China to export the necessary equipment to the United States. "
· China Offers High-Speed Rail to California [NYT]