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Carpeted and Wallpapered in 1960s Pacific Palisades

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"Oh, they put grandma in a home." So once remarked a commenter on a post for a similar-looking home listing. Yes, these type of frozen-in-time residences make one think that the owner's life is in some sort of stage of transition. On the upside, grandma sure had a sweet pink dressing room, didn't she? And who isn't in awe of the tradition of carpeting the bathroom? Who knows if there is any sort of grandma scenario going on when it comes to this Amalfi Drive home, but we'll keep that imaginary thread going. "Custom lovingly built by owner in 1960. Ideal to live in and remodel now, or rebuild. Rear yard with established gardens/pool. Extraordinary space/light/privacy." A four-bedroom, four-bath home in Pacific Palisades (updated locale) the listing is asking $3.595 million.
· 1621 AMALFI Dr [Redfin]