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More Expo Line Canopies, Life Would Be Perfect

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[Image of the Expo/Western station via Expo Facebook page]
LOS ANGELES: Here's the latest shot of those under-construction canopies along the Expo Line. But don't worry, they're not done yet. Expo spokeswoman Gabriela Collins says more panels, to block the sun and rain, are coming: "The canopy design includes near full length sun protection in the form of custom perforated metal panels that are currently installed." [Curbed Staff]

LOS ANGELES: Go heckle Meghan Daum, our favorite LA Times columnist, when she appears next month at Zócalo Public Square. She's talking about her new book, which is all about home buying. "Meghan Daum, author of Life Would Be Perfect If I Lived in That House, visits Zócalo to recount her search for a place to call home and to explain the pleasures and perils of believing that only a house can make you whole." The event takes place May 7th. [Zócalo]