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Looking for April Buyers, West End Takes A Bit off the Top

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If you're looking for a new home right now, you know you need to have a purchase agreement in place by April 30th to get that $8,000 first time homebuyer credit. The credit is the reason developers are doing a tap dance to bring in buyers, be it holding an auction or a price reduction. And here's the latest newsletter from WestEnd, that 120-unit project in Marina Del Rey. "$72,000 in price reductions until April's end. Penthouse #427 has been marked down to $607,000 and Residence #121 is now priced at $731,000....WestEnd is 90% sold! Visit us this weekend to see why over 100 new homeowners decided to call WestEnd home. April also marks the end of this sale and the $8,000 Federal Tax Credit. Don't let these opportunities pass you by." According to the sales office, unit 121 was previously priced at $769,000.
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