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Glowing Piero Golia-Locator Has Landed on WeHo's Standard

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Artist Piero Golia's glowing orb has finally touched down on the roof of the West Hollywood Standard Hotel. Luminous Sphere, as the art piece is called, will only illuminate when the artist is in town. It's not clear how often that'll be, but last we heard Golia is in LA "a few weeks a month on and off," according to collaborating architect Peter Zellner. Golia told the New York Times last May that the orb will be "'a secret communication code' for friends curious about his whereabouts and something of a cipher for passers-by. 'Maybe a commuter who drives past it every day will decide that it lights up on sunny days, or on rainy days — it’s a form open to urban legend,' Mr. Golia added." (Is the best way to start an urban legend really to go telling the New York Times about it?) The installation, brought to us by LAX Art and ForYourArt, has been delayed; it was supposed to go up in May 2009, then by the end of the year. But it's here now. Those with unhealthy obsessions with Piero Golia will want to build the Strip into their commutes home from now on.
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