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Schwarzenegger Cans Dissenters to Great California Fire Sale

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Well, that's how the Associated Press put it. Two representatives from the San Francisco State Building Authority and one from the Los Angeles Building Authority were shown the door after voicing concerns over the long-term benefits of Schwarzenegger's plan to sell California-owned buildings and assets, like the San Francisco Civic Center and the Ronald Reagan State Building in downtown LA (pictured). The SF guys were not for the plan, nor was Jerry Epstein of the LA Building Authority, who had asked the state for a cost-benefit analysis of Schwarzenegger's plan, and who had written a critical OpEd piece this week about the plan in the Los Angeles Times. Epstein, who is also a Marina del Rey developer, then received a two-sentence letter saying he had been replaced on the board. Epstein and one of the former SF building authority representatives "questioned whether the sell-offs is in the best interest of taxpayers, especially since many of the buildings would be paid off in less than 10 years, meaning the state would own them free and clear." Commercial real estate officials also questioned the logic of the sales taking place now, when it's clearly a buyers' market. As reported earlier, no one really wanted the OC Fairgrounds that bad when Schwarzenegger tried to unload it. [Image by fridayinla via Flickr]
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