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Tartan Takes a Wrong Turn in Bel-Air

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Let's help out these homeowners, people. Such a great views, such potential! First off, is that staging? We fear insulting either the staging company, or worse, the homeowners, but perhaps different curtains, a slap of new paint in the bedroom, and a bigger window next to that tub are all top of the to-do list? Can anything be done those numerous and funky angles throughout the house? "Bel Air Architectural with city & canyon views & designer-quality finishes," reads the Craigslist listing. No word on where this four-bedroom is located, but it's asking $3.995 million.
· $3995000 / 5br - SECLUDED BEL AIR ARCHITECTURAL WITH VIEWS, POOL, AND YARD (Bel Air, 90077) [Craiglist]