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A Look at Paul Williams' Ranch House Ruins, Without the Hike

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Updated 6:38 pm: Last summer we mentioned Solstice Canyon, a place with a combination of natural gorgeousness and strange history that's endemic to Southern California. The spot was once a testing ground for rocket payloads, and is the site of both the cantilevered Darth Vader house and what's thought to be Malibu's oldest house, a stone cottage built in the mid-1800s by Don Mateo Keller, an Irish immigrant who owned most of the coast back then. And a little over a mile into the canyon are the ruins of the Paul Williams' Roberts Ranch House, built in 1952 for Fred Roberts, a supermarket magnate who founded Roberts Public Market.The Paul R. Williams Project says "The house was built of stone and wood, fitting naturally into the canyon environment of waterfalls, springs and trees." It burned down in the 1982 Dayton Canyon Fire.
· Roberts Ranch House, Los Angeles, CA [Paul R. Williams Project]

Solstice Canyon

Solstice Canyon State Park, Malibu, CA