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How do I Establish Preferential Parking in Hollywood?

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A reader wants to know how to start a war. Actually, the reader wants to know how to establish a preferential parking district. Given how everything went down at the Hollywood United Neighborhood Council when a parking district was proposed for Canyon Drive, a warning about the potential drama must be issued. But here's her question: "I live at Cassil Place between Sunset and Selma. For over three years now we have been jumping thru every hoop to get preferential parking established on our street. It would be available to home owners as well as renters. We had an overwhelming 96% on our petition and this is just on our street, not including the surrounding area also experiencing the hold up. We are overwhelmed with partyers going out to the clubs at night, and the tourists/shoppers/gym members during the day. This is becoming absurd. We have no responses back from the preferential parking department, or our local council office. The city just recently extended the hours of the meters and included Sundays. I keep reading stories of people getting parking like it's nothing and I don't know how to get ours to happen. This is so frustrating. Any ideas?"
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