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More Downtown Reveals as Metropolitan Shows Self

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Via Devan Wells/Skyscraper forum
DOWNTOWN: More excitement along Broadway. The above photo of the Metropolitan was taken a few weeks ago, and today, a reader writes: "The scaffolding just came down today on the apartments/condos on the corner of 5th and Broadway in downtown. I can see how nice the units are from my building. Do you know anything else about when they will open? I think the name of the building is Metropolitan. It is above Fallas Parades. Also, the nightclub next door on the roof of the Pershing Square Building looks to be a week away from being done!" We don't know the immediate state of the building, but in addition to this building, 527 Broadway also cleans up nicely. All this work has been ongoing on this stretch of Broadway, as reported by Blogdowntown. [Curbed InBox]