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Crosswalks, Parking, and Other Suggestions for Blue Line Slauson Station

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The Urban Land Institute has been conducting Technical Assistance Panels (sort of expert idea summits) for underperforming transit oriented developments in Los Angeles, and ULI's blog reports on some of the fixes suggested for the area around the Blue Line's Slauson station. They've found the station doesn't have enough security or pedestrian connectivity (it has an above-grade platform), and is poorly insulated from noxious industrial uses. So they've suggested adding retail, a security kiosk, improving the lighting, and making the crosswalks more visible. There's also this: "a key proposal may rankle those who support TODs purely to get people out of cars: The ULI TAP urges not less but more parking?particularly, a new parking structure connecting to the boarding platform." They've found that more parking will get more people riding. A TOD Summit in June will have more findings for Slauson, as well as the Station Square Transit Village in Monrovia, the Green Line's Vermont station, and Jordan Downs in Watts.
· Parking and Neighborhoods Should be Focus of TOD Revamps [The Ground Floor, via Planetizen]