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Know Your Haughty LA-Area Golf Courses

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Haute Living, the glossy magazine for those who aspire to amass great amounts of wealth, has put together a list of five notable or "haute" golf courses in the Los Angeles area. There's the Riviera Country Club, the Brentwood Country Club, the Bel-Air Country Club, the Malibu Country Club, and the Rancho Park Golf Course. But know your dress code! "All right, so put the tie back on, tuck your shirt in, and quit swearing like a sailor. Where do you think you are, Malibu? Denim is strictly prohibited, as are cell phones and shorts at the Bel-Air Country Club, where old-fashioned rules and regulations come into play for the particularly traditional and serious players." Can't afford the full 18 holes? A guide to LA's miniature golf courses.
· Fore!: The Haute 5 Golf Courses in Los Angeles [Haute Living]