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Expo Line Work, Joel Kotkin Gets the NYT Treatment

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Via Jwalker
DOWNTOWN: Ipads get some people excited. Old fashioned track does it for others. Via JWalkers' Flickr stream: "Expo Line - Blue Line junction at Washington/Flower after junction trackwork has been installed. The Blue Line was closed all weekend for this construction. The Blue Line tracks continue through the curve as before and the Expo Line tracks end just north of Washington Blvd. Looking north along Flower St. from Washington Blvd." [Flickr]

LOS ANGELES: Today NYT OpEd columnist David Brooks reviews Joel Kotkin. Already, that's an interesting combination! "In his book, “The Next Hundred Million: America in 2050,” über-geographer Joel Kotkin sketches out how this growth will change the national landscape. Extrapolating from current trends, he describes an archipelago of vibrant suburban town centers, villages and urban cores." Brooks' summary? Don't worry, be happy. [NYT]