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Here's Your Final Issue of the California Real Estate Journal

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Per an editor's note, the California Real Estate Journal has ceased publishing as of today, news which everyone knew was coming. "The publication may be the just another example of a business venture that failed to survive in the face of today’s steep economic downturn, but we have enjoyed our time serving you as a member of the commercial real estate community." One of CAR's last features looks at how the real estate industry is reacting to Assembly Bill 32, the greenhouse gas reduction legislation that some businesses and politicians want to suspend given the economy. "Although the AB32 Scoping Plan does have elements that would have a direct effect on developers, contractors, property owners and others across the real estate spectrum - mandating additional energy-efficient building standards and new efficiency reporting requirements, for example - the long-held belief is that the companion Senate Bill 375 has a far greater impact on the industry.

SB375, which calls for "strategic growth strategies" in land use and transportation planning with the goal of cutting emissions from sprawl and development, would not be affected should voters agree with the ballot initiative, said Assemblyman Dan Logue, R-Linda, who helped to author the initiative delaying implimination of AB32."
· California's Landmark Environmental Law Faces a Challenge [CAR]