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Unpermitted and Extensively Damaged in Woodland Hills

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There is a lot going on with this three bedroom, three bathroom house in Woodland Hills, both design- and sales-wise. It was originally listed in February 2008 at $930,000 and was on and off and pricechopped until just last month, when Redfin says public records listed a sale at $450,000. That sale doesn't show up on Property Shark or the MLS, and the house was listed once again just a week later at $475,000. And? "Property is priced for quick cash sale. Sold AS IS NO Warranties. During inspection found roof has extensive damage. Property has water damage, detached non-permitted office/studio behind the house, Non Permitted garage conversion." At least it's south of Ventura. The sellers are looking for cash only to the tune of $390,000.
· 4311 ENSENADA Dr [Redfin]

4311 Ensenada Dr., Woodland Hills, CA