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Station by Station, Breaking Down Expo Line Delays

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There's not a lot of new information in this graph, but it's interesting to see where the delays seen along the Expo Line Phase 1--which'll go from Downtown to Culver City--are coming from. The line was supposed to be finished this summer, but legal wrangling and design hiccups, among other things, have pushed back the opening. This graph, prepared by the Expo Line Authority, contains the last info, and was included in a report considered at an April 15th Metro meeting. All the dates seen above are pegged off this summer's planned opening, so the Dorsey Stop is 4-18 months delayed from its summer 2010 opening, according to a spokesperson for the Expo Authority. According to the report, there is now a 58-week delay in opening. (Back in September, it was reported there was a 50-week delay). This report also says "there are numerous areas of work that are behind schedule, the critical activities continue to be: La Cienega Bridge, Ballona Creek Bridge, Farmdale Crossing." There's an Expo Board meeting next week, where more information may be available. After the jump, a close-up. Or Flicker user Jwalker has the image.