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More Bike Amenities Headed to Santa Monica

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The Santa Monica Daily Press featured a commentary yesterday with a local complaining about the dearth of bike parking in downtown Santa Monica, and especially the Promenade. Writer Richard McKinnon recounted an experience of trying to attach his bike to a steel chair only to be told by a "city enforcer" that "police will clip the lock off and charge you $300." He also doesn't believe there's enough bike racks ("25 inverted U-shaped bike racks or 50 parking spaces for bikes") on the Promenade. Lucy Dyke, Santa Monica's transportation planning manager, disagrees, telling us Santa Monica is very pro-bike, and more bike racks are coming.

Bike fun coming to Santa Monica:

50 new racks are on their way to the Promenade.

122 additional bike racks to be installed throughout downtown Santa Monica.

Two attended bike transit centers opening next year. They'll be located inside parking garages--at Broadway and 4th and Colorado and 2nd--and will feature attendants, rentals, repair, incidental retail, showers, lockers, and transit information.

The main library is also getting more bike racks, with some car parking being taken out to make way for the two-wheelers. [Image of Bogota bike facility via streetsblog]

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