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Candy Spelling's Holmby Hills Attic is Bigger Than Her New Penthouse

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This week Candy Spelling let Shine readers into her climate-controlled attic, and "At 17,000 square feet, it's larger than the condominium where I plan to move." (More confirmation she still plans to move into that Century penthouse, which is about 16,500 square feet.) To figure out how to deal with all her stuff and all that space, she writes "I studied storage areas in hardware stores, hotels and big box retailers to figure out the best way to keep the original floor plans, architectural drawings and charts that show what’s connected to what and how to find the wiring for every piece of equipment in the house. I have almost a hundred different kinds of light bulbs (for everything from koi pond reflectors to French lampposts), plus unique duplicates of every carpet, wall covering, upholstery fabric, stone, and paint used in the house. Everything is labeled, and I even wrote stories about some of the rare items, such as the tale of how I found the silk for our entry hall walls." In another part of the attic, you can take a sail on The Love Boat "without ever getting seasick." What is she going to do if she ever sells that place??
· A peek at Candy Spelling's colossal 17,000-square-foot attic—plus, how she conquers all that clutter [Shine, via Luxist]