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Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt at War... Over Architecture?

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Probably not, but that's what US Weekly is reporting. If you recall, Jennifer Aniston graced the March 2010 cover of Architectural Digest, which featured pics of her new Beverly Hills home; it was a revamp of a 1970 Harold Levitt-designed house that the star bought in October 2006 for "$13,500,000 from big-time contemporary art collector Rosette Delug," according to the Real Estalker. Anyway, US is saying Brad-- being the big arch-buff, possible Ennis House buyer, and former Arch Digest cover model himself--is fuming because, according to a "source," Jen "was never into architecture when they were married; it was his hobby and she used to make fun of him for it. It was a ploy to get his attention because she knows he reads the magazine." Jen spent two and a half years reworking the Levitt house with designer Stephen Shandley; seems like a lot of money and effort for someone who doesn't give a fig about architecture.
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