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Mayor Pushes 30/10, Yaroslavsky Rallies Job Cry

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Local officials are really getting their butts in gear trying to make this 30/10 thing happen, reports The Source. At a conference held today by the transit group Move LA, people like Mayor Villaraigosa and County Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky spoke about how they hope to convince the feds to loan Metro billions of dollars (they're working on a countywide coalition and raising money for lobbying). Via the Source: ”You can’t turn the economy of this nation around unless you turn around the economy of California,” [Zev] Yaroslavsky said. “The antidote to the recession is the 30/10 plan — it’s a huge investment in jobs right now?That’s the selling point to the White House and Capitol Hill. If you want to get the economy off its back, we’re ready to do it and we’re ready to pay for it.”
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