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Tasty Grapevine Exhibition, Copa De Oro on Craigslist

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CULVER CITY: Here's the Center for Land Use Interpretation latest exhibition: "Through the Grapevine: Streams of Transit in Southern California’s Great Pass." Description from For Your Art: "This exhibition explores the stretch of land that serves as an artery for the transit of goods and people, transforming a depopulated No Man’s Land, from the far edge of Los Angeles to the Central Valley, into a grapevine of industry and trade. Exhibition opened April 23. Open Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, or by appointment." [For Your Art]

BEL AIR: Craigslist is supposed to be for peddling smut and unloading your sofa. It isn't supposed to be for Copa de Oros. Crimey. UPDATE: A reader sent in the link; the reader would like credit. And there it is. [Craiglist]