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Local Architects Place Long Beach on Road Diet

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The folks at Studio One Eleven, an urban design arm of Long Beach architecture firm Perkowitz + Ruth, tell us about their new pedestrian project in their hometown. The group has added 3,000 square feet of sidewalk space to the corner of First and Linden "roughly the size of two coffee shops or one restaurant," that allow for more bike racks, walkers, and cafe seating. Drought-resistant potted plants and trees were placed at the edge of the curb extensions to separate vehicular traffic, noises, and exhaust from pedestrians and diners; the additions not only calmed traffic on the streets, but led to a huge uptick in local business. The First and Linden road diet,initially funded by the state as part of compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, is the first of other pedestrian projects Studio One Eleven is working on. In related news, Long Beach is leading the way with bike planning, too.
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