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Lots of Land and a Little House in the Wilds of Beverly Glen

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You could live in this 1947 house with its funky fireplace on an acre of undeveloped land off Beverly Glen, or you could just tear it down, raze the land, and build yourself an enormous Mediterranean estate with three tennis courts. Up to you. If you like wilderness, though, you'll have the two bedroom, one bathroom house that has "a private driveway" (we'll guess very private) with parking for six cars, plus "Canyon views from every room and the solar heated hot-tub" on seven parcels. A listing that includes an eighth parcel was asking $2.2-$2.44 million. A chop removes a parcel and more than a million. It's now asking $1.049 million.
· 1260 FERNBUSH Ln [Redfin]

1260 Fernbush Ln., Los Angeles, CA