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New Regent Lofts Apartment Project Proposed in Palms

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Meet the latest project proposed for Palms: Local developer Robert Green is looking to put up Regent Lofts, a new 28-unit apartment project on the corner of the now-vacant lot of Clarington Avenue and Regent Street. The 56-foot project, which would require a density bonus (the normal height allowed in the neighborhood is 45 feet), is being designed by Santa Monica-based Michael Folonis Architects, a firm whose portfolio includes a number of mixed-use condo projects. Whether those development-suspicious Westsiders tense up or not over this building--perhaps a red siren is going off in the kitchens of numerous Westside homes right now, woot, woot!---remains to be seen, but either way, there's no timeline for ground-breaking due to the economy, according to Green. But renderings should be released soon, he said. Meanwhile, the structure includes 3 levels of residential units above a 28-ground level parking spaces, according to city planning documents.
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