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Gensler-Designed New Church of Scientology is Finished

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Over the weekend, the Church of Scientology of Los Angeles, spread out over a campus that stretches from Sunset Blvd to Fountain Ave in East Hollywood, opened up its new Gensler-designed Church, a remodel of an existing building. The new Church, which'll also hold a library, seminar rooms, and more, is next to the old Cedars of Lebanon Hospital building, designed by Claud Beelman in the 1920s. The Scientologists have been tinkering with the whole campus for the better part of the last decade, doing structural reinforcements on the Fountain Ave building following the 1994 Northridge earthquake, and then putting up that big sign last year. And more remodeling is expected, according to a Church spokesperson, but there are no plans to build any more new structures. Gensler is the project architect on other churches around the country, and the Church of Scientology has been working with the San Fransisco-headquartered architecture firm since 2006, according to the spokesperson.
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4833 Fountain Avenue, los angeles