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WeHo Moves to Preserve One Ed Fickett, Considers Another

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The WeHo News informed us that last night the city's Historic Preservation Commission looked at designating two Ed Fickett-designed apartment complexes as historical resources. Antonio Castillo, an associate planner for the city, tells us that a 1949 structure on Horn Avenue got a unanimous nod for protection by the commission, which will now be decided by the city council. The building is L-shaped and indicative of the courtyard-style apartments, with low-pitched roofs and high ceilings, that the mid-century architect was famous for designing. A decision on the other building, the Sunset Lanai apartments on Sweetzer across from the Standard Hotel on the Strip (the WeHo News accidentally mixed up the two buildings in their story), was postponed until May. It's described as "a residential courtyard apartment building designed in the vernacular-modern architectural style." WeHo is in the midst of surveying the historical significance of its buildings and has already suggested preserving the Hollywood Riviera condos on Hayworth. All in all, there are five Fickett-designed multi-unit structures in WeHo. [Image of Horn property via WeHo News>]
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