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Expo Update: Farmdale Station, Color Code Issue

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As developers begin planning groundbreakings for projects near the Expo light-rail, part of which opens next year, some big questions remain. One is about the proposed extra station at Farmdale Avenue, between Crenshaw and La Brea. The California Public Utilities Commission ordered Metro to take safety mitigation measures at Dorsey High School-adjacent Farmdale Avenue; at the start of the year, Metro indicated they believed the best option was to add a station, which would require the trains to come to a complete stop at Farmdale. Nothing's been formalized since, but Expo spokeswoman Gabriela Collins says a decision on the stop will be made in July (she didn't respond to a question on how long it would take to build a station there). Also, a decision on the color and official name of the line is coming soon, Metro's Dave Sotero says. Basically, don't get used to saying Expo; Metro believes it'll be confusing to riders who are familiar with all the other color-based lines. Best guesses would indicate the route will be called the Aqua Line (the line branches off from the Blue Line, will go to the ocean, and local community groups like Friends 4 Expo like the Aqua option). There are other colors being bandied about: olive, lime, copper, and bronze. Ironically, it was back at the 2000 Democratic National Convention, held in LA, that a group of artists called attention to the lack of public transit by putting up "Aqua Line" signs (pictured).

Sotero added this caveat: "Please note that when Regional Connector is built the operation and endpoints of various lines will change and so naming of system may change and become letters and/or numbers. But we will cross that bridge when we get there."
[Image of prank Aqua Line billboard via Heavy Trash]
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