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Help Curbed Rename the Neighborhoods of the Not Eastside

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Ok everyone, we are ending this here and now. After another round of "Is it the eastside?" recently, we've decided that the group of neighborhoods east of Western and west of the Los Angeles River (East Hollywood, Los Feliz, Silver Lake, Echo Park) needs a new name.

We admit the grouping itself is controversial--Eastsider LA starts coverage in Echo Park; while LA Eastside's tagline is "Life beyond the river." Franklin Avenue has included Atwater Village in what they call the "Fake Eastside." But this is where we're drawing the lines. And because it's just too cumbersome to get all those neighborhood names out every time you want to say something condescending about hipsters, we're giving the area a new collective handle too, with the help of the Curbed army. Leave your suggestions in the comments or send them into the tipline, and the best will be put to a vote. The winning name will designate the area from then on out and no one will ever refer to East Hollywood, Los Feliz, Silver Lake, or Echo Park as the eastside ever again for the rest of time.
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