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Summit on Sixth Mystery, Dodgers Can Still Go to Arizona, Says Hahn

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[ The very shiny Summit on Sixth project in K-town ]

KOREATOWN: Who wants to explain this one? The sales office for Summit on Sixth, that Koreatown project, has been very quiet as of late. Now, a recording on the sale office's telephone answering service states that the sales office will re-open on Saturday, May 22nd. The regular sales division, not the auction division, of Kennedy Wilson, was rumored to have taken over sales, but the company didn't respond to a request for comment. MYSTERY. [Curbed Staff]

LOS ANGELES: The kneejerk reaction to the news that City Councilwoman Janice Hahn is calling for the city to boycott all things Arizona: The Dodgers train at Camelback Ranch! A commenter first pointed that out, but err, right. "The Dodgers are not a City entity," writes a press spokesperson for Hahn. "She is calling for the City of Los Angeles to look at the feasibility of ending contracts with Arizona government and business." [Curbed InBox]