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Culver City to Get Expo Line-Adjacent Retail, Residential, Hotel

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Legado Crossing

The LA Business Journal checks out how developers and Culver City are taking advantage of the Expo Line Phase I delays by hustling to get some transit-oriented development set up. The city's Venice-Robertson stop (and its elevation) has frequently been blamed as one of the sources of the delays, but the LABJ says it's now scheduled to open in 2012. Three developments are planned in the immediate area, where "the city will allow slightly higher densities than current zoning. In exchange, developers will be asked to provide or pay for one of four 'community benefit' options: additional parking, more open space, streetscape improvements, or a shuttle service to the rail station and nearby destinations."

We'd previously heard that Joseph Miller, whose Runyon Group was behind the recently opened Culver Centrale, purchased a two acre Expo Line-adjacent parcel. Now we know it's a former car dealership complex at Washington and National and that he plans to renovate and turn "into a hip urban shopping center comparable to the Lab in Costa Mesa or Space 1520 in Hollywood." He wants to submit plans to the city by the end of this year. Legado Cos. plans to start construction on its Legado Crossing, a four story mixed-use project, this year. It'll have 115 apartments, and a grocery store, drugstore, restaurants, and retail.

Culver City's redevelopment agency is working on the third parcel--six acres they hope to turn into a mixed-use development "with up to 200,000 square feet of office space, 70,000 square feet of retail, a boutique hotel and up to 200 residential units." Since they haven't even gotten the land together yet, construction is still a few years off.
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