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Actor Vincent Kartheiser Lives "Off the Grid" in the Middle of Hollywood

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Vincent Kartheiser, who plays the repellantly insecure Pete Campbell on Mad Men, laid out some of his eccentricities for the Guardian this weekend, and among them is living without a bathroom in what the article's author describes as "an empty wooden box, a small one-room bungalow on a nondescript Hollywood street." Kartheiser says "I mean I am planning to get a toilet at some point. But for now I have to go to the neighbours. I threw it all out." (Vincent Kartheiser's neighbors, we'd love to hear from you!) He is, however, trying to put some kind of stone basin "in the gap where his bathroom once was," and says he recently found a 650 pound rock he liked in Topanga Canyon: "We were in the river and we got it moving but this guy comes out shouting, 'You can't take my rock!' I'm like, 'It's the world's rock!' And anyhow I needed it for my sink? but in the end we left that rock alone and we had to find another rock. We got a cool one." (He says he is going for "a Japanese industrial feel.") Kartheiser doesn't own a mirror and he's threatening to toss his bed, but what's truly shocking for an actor in LA? He says "I don't really use an agent" and "I go on the bus, I walk." He doesn't own a car, but used a friend's recently "and it was terrible. You know why? I felt like I was back in LA again. Four or five years ago, when I had a car and I had been out of the city I wouldn't feel I was back until I got in the car, you know. But now I feel off the grid. I feel that I am not part of the culture."
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