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New Flip Team Hits the Scene With Silver Lake Bungalow

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New flippers ModOp Design alerted us to their first project, this two bedroom, one bathroom bungalow in Silver Lake. The team is Greg Steinberg and Alexandra Becket, an engaged couple, who according to their email, "decided to flip a house together after they teamed up to totally transform Steinberg’s faux Spanish in the Fairfax area into a modern" (photos here). The team is really pushing all the potentially buzzy angles of its new endeavor--they tell us that Becket is architect Welton Becket's granddaughter and the sister-in-law of architect Leo Marmol of Marmol Radziner, and that their realtor is Lisa Morgan, who unloaded those Echo Park ruins for $335,000 after listing at $99,000. This house has bamboo floors, a drought tolerant yard, and new appliances. Take Sunset has a few "before" photos. The couple bought the house in January for $300,000 and now they're asking $499,000.
· 1312 North OCCIDENTAL Blvd [Redfin]

1312 N. Occidental Blvd., Los Angeles, CA