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Manhattan Beach Latest to Jump Aboard Trolley Trend*

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The Beach Reporter checks in with a trolley system proposed for Manhattan Beach, a two-trolley service that would loop around the city, carrying as many as 45 people at a time. The city ordered the trolley feasibility study a year and half ago, and is now considering the costs of what it would take to get it going, and how much it would cost to operate annually ($365,000 to $440,000 depending on the service hours). People sound pretty fired up about the service, according to the paper. Here's some sort of Spiccoli character: "One man, who lives on 32nd Street and only has offsite parking for his car, said a trolley would “transform his life” if he could put his surfboard on it, ride to the beach, and never have to move his car and inevitably lose his spot. Others emphasized the need for an easy way to get downtown for dinner and nightlife on weekends, and avoid the parking hassle." Local transportation consultant Greg Meeks "also recommended the city look into 'theme' red and green trolleys to provide a “Disneyland-esque” environment that would excite children and adults to ride." More public meetings and requests for proposals will follow. Meanwhile, downtown LA is also trying to create a streetcar system. UPDATE: We're idiots for thinking this is actually any sort of real trolley system. As commenters have pointed out, this is really a bus system. Greg Meeks, the consultant mentioned in the story, writes in email: "This is a rubber tire trolley system with vehicles that are built to look like street cars."
· If the city finds funds, trolleys could cruise through town [Beach Reporter]