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Downtown 101 Freeway Cap Park Moving Ahead, Meetings Scheduled

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We haven't heard much from that other 101 freeway cap park lately (meaning not the Hollywood one), but here finally is news that Downtown's Park 101 is taking one step forward and will start holding community meetings. While we don't know what designs are currently on the table, interns at EDAW AECOM created plans for the project in 2008 that called for a half-mile cap with "an iconic gateway and overlook at Grand Avenue" that would include the tallest structure on the west coast. Sorry, Library Tower. Those plans called for an amphitheater between the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels and the new Buck Rogers High, and a permanent installation called 101 Swings. The first community meeting will be at the Caltrans District 7 building before May 13's Art Walk, at 4 pm.
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