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The Architect Screenplay Reveals Dangers of the Profession

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Unbeige reported yesterday that RKO has bought the script for The Architect, the Dubai building boom thriller we should have known was coming. The screenplay by Craig Stiles is the story of up and coming young architect Mitch Avery, stuck working on shopping centers, who gets what he thinks is a break when someone he thinks is an accomplished architect hires him to build a dream design from his MArch days: "A SKYSCRAPER, so fluid and sleek it almost looks like water cascading upward, a graceful spire of blue glass and smoked steel." He flies to Dubai, his room gets ransacked and his girlfriend gets kidnapped, and from there he pretty much turns into a total badass capable of doing clever things with pre-paid cell phones and legs of lamb. We got our hands on a draft of the screenplay and there are some excerpts after the jump. Notably, Mitch is supposed to be from New York, but there are a few details that make us think his life might be a little more LA.

An opening for one of his firm's projects:

Researching the firm that wants to hire him:

His pitch to the client:

Pretty much the only reference to Dubai's troubles:

· The Architect, A Film That Pretends That Dubai is Still Growing [Unbeige]


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