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Culver Boulevard Diagonal Parking Plan Proposed

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Yes, that's a photo of Canada. Via Urban Toronto
The Neighborhood Council of Westchester-Playa has been soliciting ideas for improving traffic along Culver Boulevard in Playa del Rey, and one of the more recent ideas is outlined in this week's Argonaut. Small town diagonal parking is suggested, among other things, in this plan proposed by Marcia Hanscom and Robert “Roy” van de Hoek, reports the paper. Via the Argonaut: "The design, called 'The Green and Safe Boulevard Plan,' would turn the coastal artery into a two-lane street designed to slow traffic on Culver. Supporters of this traffic reduction proposal believe the only way to have motorists drive at slower speeds is to reduce the number of lanes on the boulevard, which Hanscom says is “like a freeway sometimes during rush hour.”

The plan is intended to bring more parking to Culver, which has long been in short supply for businesses and residents. Over 100 diagonal parking spaces would be created with only two lanes of traffic, which Hanscom and van de Hoek argue would also make room for more dedicated bicycle lanes." It's also thought diagonal parking would slow traffic, given the work of turning into the spaces and backing out. Those against the idea include architect Craig Fraulino, who, as it turns out, offered a competing proposal for Culver Boulevard. He says the plan will "strangle traffic."
· Playa del Rey: ‘Green and Safe Plan’ would turn Culver Boulevard into two-lane thoroughfare with diagonal parking spaces [Argonaut]