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Vermont and 5th Construction, Meet Bisnow

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KOREATOWN: "Any info on the construction at the old Chevy dealership?" writes a reader. If we're reading the info on the Building Department's web site correctly, it looks like a three-story retail building is on its way. There's the old Google street view shot of the dealership. [Curbed InBox]

LOS ANGELES: Here, commercial real estate monkeys, something just for you. A pitch from someone who recommends it: "A new, online real estate publication is about to debut in Los Angeles. publishes 10 daily, e-newsletters in 6 major metro markets: DC, NYC, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, and Boston. Bisnow also produces 10 to 15 monthly speaker panel events.... In probably less than a week it will launch in Los Angeles. I see it as a less formal, more newsy and much more tied into social media." [Curbed InBox]