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But Has Anyone Considered Developing Underground at the Hollywood Sign?

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Eyjafjallajökull's ash must be laced with a mutant strain of Hollywood Sign Extreme Makeover Fever, because there's a bad case going around northern Europe lately (and we love it). Last week a Dane showed off plans to build the sign out into a hotel, and now a group of Dutch-Belgian architects have come up with about the swankest underground bunker ever. For starters, they propose building an arcade and park underneath the sign.

In an email, they write "Why not create a program that provides for various activities on a specific theme: a location for the Oscar Ceremony in a polyvalent theater, a hotel, a film museum, a scenographic park with a panoramic view at the city (for reference: Park Guell by Gaudi in Barcelona), a trendy bar & restaurant, a conference room, a casino, etc...In this strip, mostly embedded in the mountain, all kinds of functions can be integrated. The space that emerges on top of this strip will serve as a public area like a square or park...The strip is designed in such a way that the existing letters will remain visible from all viewpoints in their original form and presence." The architects involved are Bart de Lege, Jan Bloemen, Frederique Hermans, Joep Verheijen, and Steven van Esser.
· Save the Sign [Official Site]

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