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Dark Ages West LA Update: Ladies Gone, 50 Percent Sold

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Either developer Capital Holding Group or Keller Williams Realty decided the angels and Greek goddesses that adorned their West LA condo development were maybe a bit much, because the ladies got the heave-ho. Or maybe it was the residents who demanded the girls go--according to the project's Redfin listing, the Federal Avenue 19-unit project is over 50% sold. There are listings for two 3-bedroom/2.5 bath units with one going for $755,000 and the other for $695,000. We've run out of jokes, so here are the features: "Hardwood floors, Main Entry with Contemporary Iron Designs along with beautiful art work. Large & Bright units between 1600 sf to 1850 sf with Private Balcony, Elegant Kitchen with Stainless Steel Appliances, Winery along with Granite Counter. All windows are double glazed."

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