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Who's Having the Crazy Parties on Fuller Avenue?

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Remember that craftsman on North Fuller in West Hollywood? A short sale, it hit the market in February 2009 for $899,000. Now, a reader sends word of strange things afoot at the home, which is now asking $600,000. "There was an open house yesterday and it was bizarre," she writes. "The person who opened it up knew nothing and the inside was completely thrashed-- trash everywhere, plastic cups with drink remains all over, cartons of garbage and a selection of porn littered throughout. Wild. Like there was a crazy party awhile ago and afterwards someone just walked away. There are some beautiful details in the place. Would like to know what happened if your readers have any info." Rafael Cohen, the listing agent, declined to comment. But the current listing is now pushing the developable land. "Large Craftsman in need of rehab w/ potential Dev. Land Value. sold As-Is."
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