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On a Roll, Better Shelter Heads to Glassell Park

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Well-known flippers Better Shelter are at the top of the game when it comes to offering a certain priced home ($400,000-$500,000) in a certain area of Los Angeles (Atwater Village, Silver Lake, Highland Park, etc). And here's their latest: They purchased this Mt Washington home, a two-bedroom, two-bath home on Richardson Drive, for $195,000. They did their vodoo, waved around their rain sticks, and voila! For $499,000, you can buy a "beautifully remastered home with hardwood floors, tankless water heater, two fire places and views views views." But we're going to challenge these Better Shelter boys, and ask them to come up with a new look. Take a faux-Mediterranean, flip that! The poor man's version of hipster modern is getting old---let's spice it up, BS! Meanwhile, their last three flips, and the sale price, after the jump.

1. 2923 Asbury Street, Glassell Park. Asking: $399,000. Sold: $430,000.

2. 5018 Granada Street, Highland Park. Asking: $379,000. Sold: $391,000.

3. 3239 Atwater Avenue, Atwater. Asking: $499,000. Sold: $525,000
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