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Dingbat Competition, Choose Your Own Home Tour

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LOS ANGELES: The folks at the Los Angeles Forum for Architecture and Urban Design pass on word that they've recently launched a competition called Dingbats "to look at the condition of the ubiquitous housing type and what that means within the larger city context." And more: "Dingbat 2.0 asks designers to re-envision the Dingbat, and, in so doing, offer a revised vision for L.A. itself." Dingalings can find out more about the competition via the official website. [LA Forum] Via LA Places

LOS ANGELES: If you don't sweat architects, design enthusiasts, press, and celebs gawking at your stuff (and your fine modern architecture), send your house in to the open call for the Dwell on Design house tour this summer. A rep writes Curbed in an email, "Typically they curate the homes for the tour internally, but this year they're asking architects and homeowners to submit their fave mod homes." [Curbed InBox]