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Ball-Nogues, Music and Design Students Lay Out Table Cloth at UCLA

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This concoction of coffee tables and stools has recently gone up in the courtyard in front of UCLA's Schoenberg Hall, which houses the Herb Alpert School of Music. Downtown-based architecture and design rascals Ball-Nogues worked with students from Herb Alpert, UCLA Architecture and Urban Design, and UCLA Design Media Arts to create "Table Cloth," which can be configured with a foot and a half high stage, without a stage, with free floating stools scattered around the courtyard, and however else: "We hope that performers, choreographers, directors (to name a few examples) will invent uses and safe abuses for it. Perhaps, some performers will develop programs specifically for the space and will collaborate with other members of the UCLA community to create works showcase there." "Table Cloth" will be up through the spring and summer quarters, and after that its component tables and chairs will be given away to UCLAers. The work alters the acoustics of the courtyard, which you can hear in action on Monday when students perform at the piece's opening.
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